"Alone" c20 tape
"Flud" c30 tape
"Broke" c45 tape
"The Well" CDr (Breaching Static, America)
"Concrete and Clay" CDr (Altar of Waste, America)
"March Towards Death" CDr (Claustrophilia, Italy)
"Devotion" c20 tape (Mazurka Editions, Australia)
"Curmudgeon" c10 tape (Static Blade, America)

Vile Giraffe / Horrible Mess split c10 tape
Paregorik (Czech Republic) / Horrible Mess split c20 tape
Dust Cult (Italy) / Horrible Mess split c20 tape
Harsh Supplement (Canada) / Horrible Mess split c10 tape
Disleksick / Horrible Mess split c-39 tape (Uhg... Tapes, Canada)
Disleksick / Horrible Mess collaboration CDr (Coffin Crawl Records)
Horrible Mess / Faggot Front (America) 2xCDr
Disleksick / Horrible Mess split 7" Lathe Cut (Coffin Crawl / USR)
Amputer (America) / Horrible Mess split c20 tape
Small Hours (UK) / Horrible Mess collaboration CDr
Isolation Order / Horrible Mess collaboration c30 tape
Dead Body Collection (Serbia) / Horrible Mess split/collaboration 2xCDr box set
Charlotte Braun (Horrible Mess / Small Hours collab project) c30 tape

"EWWW!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS !" net compilation. (Datahex Records)
"_NW" net compilation (Coffin Birth)
"The seven domains of disgust." 4x c90 box set (Kafkex Rex)
"Vitriol" HN compilation CDr (Econore)
"Love Katy: Remixed" net compilation (Vagary Records)
"Soup Of Freak" c62 cassette compilation (Rainbow Bridge)